2020 Wedding Trends

March 12, 2020 Wedding

Every year, the trends in wedding photography are transforming, following the trends in other industries, like that of fashion. Indeed, you can clearly notice that wedding photography in the UK has evolved in a way that showcases the special day of the couple in new and refreshing ways. Nowadays, it is essential that the memories are preserved for the years to come.

In this article, we are taking a look at all the trends that will define wedding photography in 2020.

01. First-Look Shots

First-look shots have been around for a while. However, this trend is still going strong and it will dominate the wedding photography of 2020. The wedding day is a special day for every bride. This kind of shot allows the photographer to highlight the emotions during the process of getting ready for the bride’s big moment. Furthermore, the photographer can capture the bride’s parents and bridesmaids admiring her look. Those are little moments that the bride will look back on for many years.

02. Drone-captured Shots

In the previous years, wedding photographers in the UK hesitated to incorporate drone shots. However, this has started to change as more and more aerial shots are added to the photo shoot. Drones have enabled photographers to capture overviews during the wedding ceremony, as well as the wedding feast the follows. Even though their use is still not extensive, drone shots will let you enhance the photo album with some unique shots.

03. Wedding Photo shoots in a Different Location and Time

Whether pre-wedding or after the ceremony, many couples now choose to have special photo shoots in different locations. An ongoing trend is to find an outdoor setting in Hertfordshire to shoot editorial style wedding photographs. These might include moments like the proposal, or just some romantic moments that highlight the feelings of the couple. This enables the couple to be more relaxed in their wedding photos, as there are free from the pressure of the wedding day.

04. Natural and Relaxed Shots

A key trend of wedding photography in recent years is the need for more natural and documentary-style shots. The photographer now waits for the moments to happen, in order to capture them as realistically as it is possible. This results in shots that are full of unpretentious emotions that let the magic of the day live on.

05. Unplugged Wedding Shots

Another trend that fits well with the documentary-style shots is the unplugged wedding. Couples nowadays seek for more informal weddings that focus less on the grandeur and more on sharing happy moments with their friends and family. The photographer can also adopt this style and produce some stylised and unique photographs of the day. A technique that can add to this unplugged feeling is the return of analog photography. Shots on film have a natural grain that can only add to the atmosphere created by the whole photo shoot.


Wedding photography in the UK is ever-changing, demanding different styles. The photographer now has many tools that can help him produce diverse and artistic shots.