Choosing the right photographer for you!

March 2, 2020 Wedding

Choosing the right photographer for you!

Your wedding photos are one of the most precious things you will ever acquire. They are the reminder of the best day in your life when you decided to share your whole life with a loving partner of your choice. These photos are a landmark in anyone’s lives, and people like to share their wedding photos with their children and grandchildren to share one of the most memorable moments of their lives.

Therefore, choosing a half decent photographer to capture your wedding is essential to make this dream a reality.

The investment couples make in their photographer is normally a good chunk of change. So it is essential to make sure you do your homework. The following tips might help you in selecting the best wedding photographer for your special day.

1.   Budgeting

Before embarking on the journey of choosing a suitable photographer for your wedding, you must know your budget. Photographers fee varies a lot. So knowing your budget can help cut out the riffraff and highflyers (maybe) from the prospects.

Not all professional photographers with exceptional skills and ability to shoot fantastic photos charge an arm and a leg. Finding one isn’t difficult either. Luckily you can see a large portfolio online, meet them in person or even do a test shoot if the photographer is willing.

Wedding albums come in numerous qualities and styles. You can choose one according to your own taste. Modern technology has allowed you to take all of the pictures in digital formats to share anywhere and enjoy via online galleries.

The couple should always opt for the photographer that suits their style according to their budget. More importantly, you need to have good chemistry with the photographer!

Before making a final decision, you should ask for the total cost of the photographer’s services. Sometimes, there are few hidden extra charges like editing, creating a stylized album, or other taxes. They can cause serious problems between the wedding photographer and the couple. Therefore, you must get all the necessary budgeting details before hiring a photographer.  

2.   Experience of the Wedding Photographer

The experience of the photographer is of utmost importance while choosing one for your wedding. Like in every other sector, practice makes perfect in photography as well. It means that the skills of a photographer are honed with time and experience. An experienced photographer can time manage a busy wedding to make sure they don’t miss a shot or fail to deliver.

You should hire a photographer who has experience in weddings. Photographers in other fields have their art form and credit to them. However, as discussed before, time management and people management are imperative to a photographer’s skill set.

You should choose the photographer that shows a passion for making your wedding day special. Passionate photographers take their work very seriously, most photographers I know do not do this profession for the money. They enjoy working with people, making sure they deliver and still create art.

3.   Get Testimonials

After you have established your budget and have the information about the experience of the photographers, you should consider asking the photographers to share some of their testimonials with you. If possible, contact them directly. Get their direct reviews and feedback about the wedding day and how the photographer worked.

4.   Get to know the photographer and his team

You should get to know both the photographer and their team to establish a good understanding. If you know the people working on the biggest day of your life, you will feel a lot more comfortable and calmer. If you are comfortable with the photographer, you will look calmer in the pictures as well. Getting your pictures taken at the wedding day should not seem like a chore to you. Instead, you should look relaxed and enjoy yourself.

5.   Develop Good Rapport with the Photographer

Choosing a suitable photographer takes a lot of time and effort. Wedding photographers are trusted with an essential task of taking the best photos and accurate visualization of the most important day of the couple’s lives. Therefore, you should select a photographer with a friendly, easy-going, but professional personality. 

It is extremely easy to determine the level of comfort you might share with someone in the very first meeting. If you like the photographer in your first meeting, you are likely to develop a good bond and being comfortable around the photographer. 

In terms of the guests, a wedding photographer should be sociable and friendly, so that a myriad of people present at the wedding do not feel uncomfortable while getting their pictures taken.

You should meet with the photographer a couple of times before making a final decision. If you are unable to cultivate a friendly relation or feel uncomfortable around the photographer, then you should look for another photographer. The bride and the groom should make their ease level with the photographer a top priority. 

In short, you should trust your instincts when hiring a wedding photographer. If you feel something is wrong, then look for other options because your gut is usually the best indicator in these situations.